Dive Center Managementsystem

The management solution for all dive centers, dive shops and dive schools.





Make your Divecenter SMART & SAFE

DIVERY Smart Hardware and automates your processes.

Smart hardware like transponders, chip readers and code scanners allow super fast check-in/out and avoid loss during the process of cash sales. 

Customer Management

Create new customers very quickly and manage all the necessary data with just a few clicks.

Appointment management

Schedule appointments, trips and Staff through drag & drop. Duplicate Events & create Templates.

Resource management

Everything in view with the simplest rental System.

Smart digital Trip & Boat Lists

Everything in view with the simplest rental System.

Bad Internet connection?

Divery makes you self-sufficient
The Divery Hybrid Cloud unites the advantages of local servers and a state of the art cloud system. It guarantees autonomous working even during network failure and powerouts.

A worldwide synchronisation guarantees an overview of numbers in real-time of all branches.

Even during blackouts (power and internet) the system allows you to continue working auto- nomously and stress-free without paper.